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Updated: Aug 9

So, I want to start of saying that none of this is proofread or something worth seriously critiquing. This is the start of AD Diaries, a blog full of my thoughts, my story, all the things I feel the need to share. Everything won't be perfect, but transparency is key and I always wanted to document my life through words. After the words are here, they stay and if you know me, you know words always stick. With all that being said, each of you reading this will have your own reasons to why you're interested or just being nosy. Regardless, I don't care but it's cool that you're here.

I am Alyssia DeAnne, a Black girl from the Southside of Chicago figuring out life each day God gives me. As I type this, I wonder how I will describe myself because I am a little all over the place. I mean, I came from humble beginnings and moved out at 18 (over a year ago) to become a full-time photographer and art student at the #1 HBCU without much, if any plans really thought out and put in place. Just a regular apartment and some dreams. So, you can imagine the freedom I have gained in addition to all the adult responsibilities, like paying rent every month and buying all the groceries (and realizing that FOOD IS EXPENSIVE, although I have an ebt card). Besides being insane for making long-term decisions like that, I knew that God led me here and that he would guide me.

Deciding to finally major in Art after attending a high school that mostly lawyers or doctors come out of, was a long journey. Maybe it was from always being in survival mode, feeling like I had to be perfect, and not feeling like I could be successful in something so untraditional. Now writing this as a 20 year old, with all of my accomplishments despite my crazy story, is insane and a story that needs to be shared.

While I have a lot to say, there's much more to learn. Much more to heal from. Much more for me to experience. These are words that'll connect with who I am today, my inner child, and the woman I grow to be. But let's quit the small talk, I started this Blog in 2018 and it was both ugly and extremely inconsistent. Now that I have something to say all the time, I will try to get something out at least once a month. @MyAccountibilityPartnersHoldMeToIt

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