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I am Alyssia DeAnne, a 20 year old photographer, creative, and HBCU student. 

Free-spirited creativity and confidence from a Black woman (or man) is the biggest threat to the world as is. Growing up I worked so hard to be the “perfect” child because when you come from nothing, perfection in every decision feels required for a chance at success. As a result, whenever I fell short or felt invisible, I would go through the worst episodes of my life, thinking that I could never be the woman I dreamt of being.


After four years of high school full of failed tests, throwing up, panic attacks, severe anxiety, and depressive episodes that could have ended my life, I chose peace. It looked like giving myself the grace to be human and accept that I cannot be perfect, it looked like telling a story through art or photos, it looked like seeing myself for who I was, and using my trauma to fuel my perspective to make people feel something, feel seen no matter their story. My photos reflect that story, and are used to give movements another perspective, encourage Black people to see themselves in color, all beautified, and tell people that grew up like me that believing in yourself and your dream will fulfill you more than anything else. Essentially, I use my creative skill to represent the beauty in the struggle, trauma, and life of people the world tries to break down.


When I talk about falling in love with every shoot, I am talking about everyone falling in love with themselves (and how my art can portray them) because it is the single thing that can change all of us.


Stay tuned, I promise you won't be disappointed. This is ONLY the beginning  <3

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