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Alyssia DeAnne is a 18 year old artist, photographer, and creative. 

Since she was little, she was creative, whether it was drawing pictures for her teachers everyday, taking photos, painting, anything creative. It had always been a hobby, but not something she thought could be come true. After all, Black girls in underprivileged communities are not encouraged to go into nontraditional careers. However, when Spike Lee hosted a disposable camera photography competition, in which she was one of four winners, she understood that she had a fighting chance.

In high school, she experienced a lot of mental health challenges and obstacles that heavily impacted her creativity and personal motivation, so she was very inconsistent for some time. Sophomore year, she took a film photography class, then a college level course at the Art Institute of Chicago, and enrolled at a few art programs at the Hyde Park Art Center. By her junior year her craft progressed and she began building exactly what you're looking at now, thanks to the support and encouragement of others. She says it all the time "I was my own worst enemy" because it took her forever to realize that she had talent in photography and something to give to the world.


Her goal is to make people happy, feel confident, aware, and so much more. Her love for photography is deeper than the picture, it is technical and full of story. As a creative, there will always be room to grow, explore, and create, so there's so much in store. She's a name that will soon be known across the world, for her photos and her impact. 

She's young, but she has always been a "hustler". Nothing in life was given, and nothing came easy. While she mostly works in photography now, she has so much in store and her business will only expand from here.


Stay tuned, I promise you won't be disappointed  <3